Women’s Wellness: Experience Wellness as you get older.


Women’s Wellness: Experience Wellness as you get older.

What influences wellness in women?
*Body shape changes and weight changes
*Hormonal changes
*Sleep problems
*Energy Levels
*Digestive problems
*Chronic illness
1. Body Shape Changes
Just as death and taxes are inevitable, some aspects of your body condition are inevitable, too. You cannot change them, but you can make the best of them. They seem like barriers to achieving your ideal size, but they don’t have to be. They are as follows: aging, genetics, hormones, menopause (for women), middle-age spread (for both men and women), and childbirth.

The Aging Weight Myth
There is a popular myth about aging and weight that goes like this: as you get older, you get bigger. It’s only a myth. You don’t need to get bigger as you age. Plenty of older people have great bodies and enjoy eating and stay at their ideal size. Remember, all you need is one example of a myth not being true to know that it doesn’t need to be true for you. Does age affect body size and shape at all? Of course. In general, as we age, our metabolism naturally slows down. A slower metabolism means we burn calories more slowly. So, eating less food helps to avoid weight gain. But you can also keep your metabolism high through strength training and eating well nutritionally.

Tips for maintaining a healthy body as you age:
1. Watch your calorie intake by avoiding fatty and processed foods.
2. Take a good multivitamin, enough calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, Vitamin C, Protein and fiber.
3. Maintain a healthy body and healthy mind with enough oily fish and / or taking omega 3 fish oil supplements .
4. Exercise by combining cardiovascular exercise like walking and cycling with weight training and body contouring (e.g. Pilates)
5. Each meal or snack must contain fiber (from fruit, vegetable, whole grain), lean protein from low fat dairy, lean meat or fish) and abundant nutrition (Fruit or vegetable)
Healthy Snacks
*Low fat or fat free dairy like yogurt or smoothies made with fruit and yogurt
*Whole wheat crackers with low at cheese or hummus,
*dried fruit and nuts
*lean protein such as biltong, cold meat or protein bars.

Aagh! Those Raging Hormones!
Hormonal systems that are out of balance can wreak havoc on your weight-loss dreams. You could experience a slower metabolism, weight gain around your midsection, insulin resistance, and water retention, to name a few. Hormones are made within the body to stimulate and regulate cellular and glandular functions.
Peri-menopause is the 10-12 year transition leading up to menopause. During this time the body’s hormone production (especially estrogen) and metabolic rate slow down.
You have, however, considerable power to change your hormonal balance. A combination of proper and delicious nutrition, specific exercises, and plenty of sunshine on a regular basis can help keep your hormones in balance while freeing up excess stored fat.
You may have hormonal imbalances due to the surgical removal of glands such as the thyroid or ovaries. Replacement medications help. Work with your doctor to adjust your dosage so that you feel your best and have the most energy possible. Hormones definitely affect your weight, but you are not stuck with “bad” hormones. Your lifestyle makes a big difference.

Menopause Isn’t a Menace
As a woman gets to the age of about 50 (give or take), she goes through the change of life, or menopause. This process starts as early as age 30 with perim enopause. Her body changes in many ways as the production of estrogen slows down. Menstrual periods cease; metabolism slows; and the skin gets thinner.
As inevitable as menopause is, it doesn’t have to go hand in hand with weight gain. If you keep your body healthy by not eating too much, eating nutrient-packed foods, and exercises for both strength and stamina, she can stay at her ideal size with ease.
In other words, menopause is a fact of life. It is not an excuse for being overweight.
Tips for wellness During Menopause
*Exercise: Helps maintain muscle strength and relieves depression, stress and decrease risk for heart and bone disease
*Calcium (Together with Magnesium and Vitamin D) helps prevent bone loss and helps decrease fat and blood pressure levels. Also helps restful sleep.
*Omega 3 and Glucosamine ensures joint health and reduce aches
*B-Complex improve energy and mood
*Balance your fiber intake to solve digestive problems. Pro-biotics may help for flatulence
*Vitamin E helps skin health
*Biotin, collagen and vitamin C reduce hair loss and improve skin health.

Inside this toolkit is everything you need to
embark on a new lifestyle programme:

*How to get started
*30 day diet plan
*Delicious recipes
*Exercise programme
*Diary to track your progress
*Gym ropes
*Multivitamin for 30 days,
*Omega 3 for 3 months
*Fiber supplement for 3 months
*Concentrated fruit and vegetable tablets for those days you don’t get to your 5-9 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.
*Meal replacement shakes, protein bars and protein powder to make your own smoothies for those days you just didn’t get to the kitchen.
Usual price
R 2246.00
Special promotion
R 1996.00
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Nutrilite’s Premium Multivitamin
(When you take this you don’t need any other vitamin / mineral supplement. Only add an Omega 3 supplement)
*All essential vitamins, B-vitamins, vitamin A, D, E and C which are all essential for energy metabolism, liver detoxing and anti-oxidants which has anti-ageing benefits
*All essential minerals including chromium, iron calcium and many other to ensure heatlthy metabolism
*23 plant extracts designed to help the liver detox, improve energy levels and protect afainst ageing

Cost: R611 for 183 tablets.

Nutrilite’s Most absorbable formula ever!

A 3 tablet serving of Nutrilite Cal Mag D provides

  • the calcium equivalent to 600ml milk as well as
  • megnesium to help regulate calcium levels.
  • It also provides vitamin C to promote Collagen formation fo r bone strength ,
  • copper to promote bone and collagen strenth and
  • zinc fo bone maturation.
  • They used 3 calcium sources and added vitamin D for grater absorption

Contact me at annelie@anneliesmith.co.za for further information or orders.

Cost R 213 for 180 tablets

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SupplementFUNCTIONSsizeCost per unitNo of unitsLine Total
Wellness ToolkitHealthy Nutrition and exercise “starter kit”Contains various items (See advert on previous page)R1996
B-Complex VitaminsImprove energy and mood. Raise homocystein. Important for normal digestion100 tabletsR127
Calcium magnesium DBone health, lowers body fat and blood pressure. Take at night to improve sleep patterns.180 tabletsR213
Vitamin E and Lecithin (To treat high cholesterol)Improve hormone levels, decrease cholesterol, improve skin health120 tabletsR218
Double X multivitaminsOverall nutrition: Helps improve energy, detoxify body, repair DNA and slows ageing process. Improves bone health, improve insulin funcion183 tabletsR 611
Daily MultivitaminOverall nutrition: Helps improve energy, detoxify body, repair DNA and slows ageing process60 tablets
30 tablets
R 237
Omega 3 Fish oilDecrease inflammation levels, decrease cardiovascular risk, decrease joint pain, improve memory90 capsules
30 capsules
R 131
Glucosamine and BoswelliaDecrease symptoms of osteo-arthiritis, improve jount health. Boswellia is an anti-inflammatory herb, with no side effects150 tabletsR381
Hair skin and nailsContains biotin , collagen and vitamin C for healthy hair, skin and nails90 tabletsR231
Fax order form to 088 021 531 8302 or email to annelie@anneliesmith.co.za
Method of Payment: Ineternet Transfer or Direct Deposit : A. Smtih ABSA 4049757949 or COD

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