What We Do

Annelie Smith, Cape Town Dietician, is passionate about people and nutrition, and with a BSc Honours Degree in Clinical Dietietics and experience in all fields of nutrition, she is well equipped to empower and inspire you to live a full and vibrant life!

As a dietician, her experience covers Sports NutritionClinical Nutrition for the treatment of lifestyle diseases such as DiabetesHeart Disease and Cancer as well as health problems where dietary treatment is crucial – including diseases of the KidneyLiver and Pancreas.

Annelie enjoys working in groups and regularly presents talks and workshops to companies and groups of people on the subject of wellness and nutrition.

Annelie uses a “Precision Nutrition” approach, which may include DNA and Biochemical testing to provide an in-depth personalised treatment plan. She has recently joined the Centre for Translational Genomics, where she is the lead dietician. – www.ctgcentre.com