Annelie Smith is a Registered Dietician with more than 13 years experience in solving nutritional problems.

Annelie Smith Qualified with a BSc Honours Degree in Clinical Dietietics from UCT in 1992. She has since gained experience in all fields of nutrition including Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition for the treatment of lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer as well as health problems where dietary treatment is crucial. These include diseases of the Kidney, Liver and Pancreas. She has been in Private practice since 1993. Having seen more than 3000 clients she has a wealth of experience in solving people of all age’s health and wellness issues through correct eating habits

She is registered with the health professionals council and the Association of Dietetics in South Africa and regularly attend continuous education programmes to stay up to date with the latest research. She has also been involved in presenting at these functions on various subjects such as eating disorders, diabetes and obesity over the years. She has an interest in nutrigenomics which is the study of genetics and the influence one’s diet has on genetic risk outcome. She has also recently joined Dr. Susan Janse Van Rensburg in a team effort to assist in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

She uses a “Coaching” approach in her practise where each person will be assessed and “coached to better eating and lifestyle creating a long term solution to a current or long term problem.

She has assisted various companies and restaurants including Fedics Food Services, Simply Asia and Osumo with health campaigns, menu evaluations and product development. Annelie advises writers for various magazines incluyding Shape magazine, Women’s Health, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Ideas, You as well as newspapers to promote correct scientific evidence based nutrition knowledge to the public. She has been interviewed by various Radio stations and for television productions (SABC 2 – women in Science 2008 and SABC 2 Keeping it real 2011)

Annelie also enjoys working in groups and regularly presents talks and workshops to companies and groups on the subject of wellness and nutrition.

She has presented various workshops including Cooking Workshops in association with Shape Magazine in 2009 and 2010 and “Healthy Habits” workshops in association with Psychologies Magazine at the Look and Feel Good Expo in 2010. She is often involved with wellness days which have become popular and corporations recently and presents workshops on healthy habits at work to improve energy, mood and health status. She has also organized numerous workshops for the public at great locations such as Buitenverwagting, Clara Anna Fontein and Houw Hoek Inn.

For most people there are 4 primary relationships with eating:

• Clients embark on a journey of exploring these concepts and the role that food and nutrition plays in their lives.

• Through solving physical and emotional problems and challenges with food, people find that they can focus on more important things in their lives and live life to the fullest.