Annelie Smith - Dietician


Annelie is passionate about people & nutrition, she offers individual consultations,
group sessions and runs presentations.


DNA - Nutrition tests and “translation “into specific recommendations: DNA- Health
“Future proof” your health by finding out how healthy your DNA is, The science of optimising energy, wellbeing and longevity.
Tests for gene variations in the following biological processes:
  • » Cholesterol regulation
  • » Bone health
  • » DNA- health (methylation)
  • » Inflammation
  • » Detoxification (How the body manages toxin build up and reducing it)
  • » Antioxidant status (oxidation causes cell damage, ageing and chronic disease)
  • » Insulin Sensitivity

DNA Diet
Optimal weight for life. The science of managing weight and obesity Provides insight into:
  • » Individual diet and exercise responsiveness
  • » Optimal nutrient distribution for effective weight loss
  • » Weight loss “resistance”/ or weight gain after weight loss
  • » Optimal exercise intensity for weight loss

DNA- Sport
DNA sport is an opportunity to learn how to exercise according to your genetic preferences. It incorporates the new science of DNA testing with training, recovery and nutritional recommendations and have been developed during years of training theory and observation DNA fit provides insight into:
  • » Individual exercise and dietary responsiveness
  • » Exercise choices for better health and physical performance
  • » Exercise and dietary regimes for effective weight management
  • » Training patterns and nutritional intake for optimal recovery times
  • » Pre-Rehabilitative exercise and nutritional strategies for injury avoidance.

DNA- Oestrogen
Improving oestrogen metabolism is to benefit to women who suffer from conditions such as:
  • » Endometriosis,
  • » Premenstrual syndrome (PMS),
  • » (PMS) fibroid tumours and
  • » where there is a family history of breast , uterine or ovarian cancer
  • » family history of prostate cancer in men.
  • » Up to 80% of breast cancer occurs in women with no family history? DNA oestrogen may help individuals lessen the risk for developing breast cancer.
  • » Dnalysis oestrogen test included 10 genes involved in oestrogen biosynthesis, oestrogen metabolism, and detoxification.

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As a Discovery Vitality Wellness Partner, Annelie offers the Vitality Nutrition assessment to Discovery Vitality members. It is an electronic asessment which provides members with an idea as to which nutritional aspects they need to address, it is also a body weight assessment. Members can earn up to 10 000 points!

More about the assessment:

» It will take about 30-40 mins to complete
» The assessment will include height, weight and waist circumference measurements. If the member wants any additional tests done (eg: body composition, glucose, cholesterol or blood pressure), these require extra time and will be done for additional fee.
» It is an electronic lifestyle and dietary assessment and not a full dietary consultation.
» The cost is R310 that is refundable from the Medical Savings Account, if funds are available.



General wellness
Improving current nutritional status and preventing development of chronic illness later in life. Improving energy levels, weight management and general wellbeing.

Sport nutrition
Optimizing diet for improved performance and health for active people.

Weight management
Weight loss or Weight gain.

Dietary Treatment of Eating Disorders

Help with treatment of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder. (Treatment usually takes place in partnership with other relevant health professionals)

Children and Teenagers

General wellness, Allergies, Weight management, Wellness, metabolic problems, ADD and ADHD, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer.

Depression and Anxiety

Nutrition plays a big part in the treatment of neurological disorders. A good balanced diet contributes to successful treatment.

Health problems

Blood sugar imbalances - Low blood sugar, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, Diabetes Mellitus, Gestational Diabetes.
Heart disease, High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.
Cancer – and post treatment, prevention of recurrence.
Gastric (digestive) problems - Irritable bowel syndrome, Diverticulosis, Crohns Disease.

Kidney Disease

Annelie has expertise in treatment of kidney disease – She currently consults at Vincent Pallotti Life Hospital Dialysis unit helping patients who are on haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatment to structure their food intake. She also helps people with advance kidney disease to follow the correct diet. - Download PDF

Pregnancy Lactation and Infant Feeding

There is no other time in the women’s life that feeding and nutrition can be more challenging than during pregnancy and when breastfeeding and worrying about what to feed your infant. For any questions or problems regarding this, or if you would just like to find out if you are on the right track, please contact us for advise.

Hormonal imbalances
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Thyroid problems.

Bone Health
Osteoporosis, osteopenia.

Kidney and Liver and pancreatic disease.


Individual Assessments and Health plans
Health counseling to groups e.g. Stress reduction, Improving work performance and reducing illness due to stressful work environments.

Presentations to groups to promote health, better performance and long term wellness.

Nutrition workshops: practical solutions to current health and wellness problems.

Group sessions:
Support to groups of people who are involved in:

  • » Exercise and sport
  • » Weight loss
  • » Diabetes
  • » Eating disorders
  • » Drug Addiction
  • » HIV and Aids counselling